The new WINBOT 850: even quieter and faster!

The latest window cleaning robot WINBOT 850 is on the market. With a simple push of a button, you control the automatic 4-stage cleaning process of WINBOT 850. The soft impact protection, the efficient cleaning paths and the sensors guide the robot around obstacles, window frames and edges. WINBOT 850 offers maximum cleanliness with minimal effort.

The new DEEBOT SLIM: flat design & optional mopping function

Finally it is here! This DEEBOT SLIM not only cleans and fits under every furniture, it can even mop. The DEEBOT SLIM is easy to use and maintain. It cleans thoroughly with direct suction without tangled hair and adapts with his SUV wheels automatically to uneven surfaces.

Brand-new: DEEBOT M8 – The Multifunctional floor cleaning robot

At IFA 2015 ECOVACS presents DEEBOT M8 – the first floor cleaning robot with integrated water tank. During wiping, this water Smart Clean Reservoir keeps the Smart Clean Cloth constantly damp and ensures drip- and streak-free cleanliness. In this way it can simultaneously sweep, lift, vacuum, mop and dry. Moist or dry, as required.


Thanks to its air sucking mechanism WINBOT 8 can be used universally: It cleans windows, pasted glass, mirrors, tiles, cupboards and more.


DEEBOT 8 „My best friend!“

The DEEBOT 8 with the direct suction option is specially designed for fast and thorough removal of pet hair. A must for a hair-free home for mum and dad and a pleasant playmate for your pet.

DEEBOT 3 Little & smart DEEBOT cleans in between

He’s slim, smart and very quiet. DEEBOT 3 fits under any crib, changing table and other shelves, where ordinary vacuum cleaner robot get stucked. He cleans at lightning speed on rough crumbs and dirt and the nursery is clean again.