About us

ECOVACS ROBOTICS is a leading brand for intelligent household robots. The company is number 5 globally for the vacuum cleaning robotics segment, and is the market leader in China. ECOVACS ROBOTICS has made it a goal to make life easier for its customers through trendsetting robotic technology. As the market leader in China and with subsidiaries in Europe and the USA as well as sales partners globally, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has already delivered more than 60 million household cleaning devices. The floor, window, and air cleaning robots take over the household cleaning for their users and assist in recovering valuable time for the usual activities in life. ECOVACS ROBOTICS makes trends in the household robotics segment: The company has over 684 patents, 66 of which are international, alone.

Globally, ECOVACS ROBOTICS employs 5,000 people. ECOVACS ROBOTICS has more than nine locations, among them one in Europe and one in the USA. Since 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany is the headquarters of the Europe branch.

ECOVACS: Continuity, Consequence, Creativity

Performance is for ECOVACS continuous motivation. Therefore we live day by day for more than a decade.

Our goal is consistent and uncompromising: quality in every respect.

Every day a new idea. We research and develop, analyze and evaluate. So we are every day a little bit better. And more successful.

We see the world through your eyes.

We understand and meet customer needs
To see things from the customer’s point of view, is the particular strength of ECOVACS. This results in products that actually meet needs and really solve problems.

Good ideas are always welcome
We grow with the needs of our customers. Therefore, we always welcome your ideas, demands and suggestions. We listen to you. Because you know best what is best for you. And then we produce it for you.