Innovative and convenient features enable DEEBOT 8 to deliver enhanced performance on virtually any floor surface. DEEBOT’s 4in1 cleaning system has an exclusive optional mop feature to clean in ways you never thought a robot could, and interchangeable suction options for the ultimate cleaning experience. The additional Anti-Collision Sensors in the robot’s soft bumper protects the furniture.

Innovative Functions


Advanced Anti-Collision Technology

DEEBOT 8 moves faster than other robots and the 10 groups of advanced Anti-Collision Sensors help the robot
to avoid collisions and protect furniture.


Interchangeable Suction Options

DEEBOT 8 has two different suction options for cleaning convenience: The Main Brush Option is the best choice for deep cleaning. The Direct Suction Option is the best choice for cleaning carpets and it also removes even the finest animal hair.


4in1 Cleaning System

DEEBOT 8 has 4in1 Cleaning: Dual Side Brushes sweep. The Main Brush polishes. Powerful suction cleans up dirt and
hair. The exclusive Mopping Function mops the floor to a spotless shine.


Navigates with “SUV” Ability

DEEBOT 8 is able to navigate home terrain with “SUV” ability thanks to its rugged Driving Wheels and powerful motor. DEEBOT 8 can easily cross over doorsills as high as 2.5cm, one of the best in the market.

Cleaning WITHOUT Main Brush

The cleaning WITHOUT a main brush ensures optimum cleanliness of high carpets, pollution from animal hair or coarse dirt. With its strong suction, the DEEBOT 8 is able to suck hair, not needing a brush where the hair can get entangled. If the DEEBOT 8 is cleaning without the Main brush the cleaning time per battery charge will be considerably extended.

The main brush combines the functions of vacuuming and brushing, reaching optimal cleaning results. The movable main brush automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces and changes in material, i.e from carpets to hard floors – ensuring maximum power brush and suction.

Slim Design

With a height of only 10 cm, the DEEBOT 8 easily reaches under sofas, armchairs, wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Obstacle Avoidence

Equipped with 11 infrared sensors the DEEBOT 9 detects obstacles and changes direction to avoid collisions.

Mopping Function

The DEEBOT 8 comes with an additional mopping accessory. With this innovative mopping option, the DEEBOT 8 can wipe particularly sensitive floor surfaces moist. Environmentally friendly: The microfibre cloth can easily be washed out under running water or in the washing machine and is therefore reusable.


Thanks to its robust driving wheels and its powerful engine, the DEEBOT 8 can easily cross doorsteps up to a height of 2.5 cm.


DEEBOT 8 is equipped with intelligent Antidrop sensors, which stop the DEEBOT in time, if a height differences of more than 8 cm is detected.
Regardless if stairs or platforms – if the DEEBOT 8 detects a point of danger it automatically turns away and continues its cleaning path safely.